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Acirne is a talented and promising artist based on the Italian island of Sardinia who began her career as a successful VJ under the pseudonym Crème Brulee. In 2007, inspired by the music that surrounded her, she decided to take things a step further and dedicated herself to music production. Her style represents her myriad influences, not just musical but also informed by her past experience in the visual art world.

Accordingly, her sound is not easy to pin down: rooted in the no-man’s-land between dancefloor functionality and home-listening ambience, sometimes with experimental psychedelia, other times with accessible melody. Acirne’s unconventional approach is reflected in her artist name: it’s her real name, Enrica, spelled backwards. 

Aside from composing beats, Acirne is the founder of T-Bet Records, which has managed to carve out its own distinct sound in an oversaturated market of electronic dance music, releasing productions from the likes of Jay Haze, Xpansul and Rio Padice and earning accolades from Resident Advisor. Acirne co-manages the label with her colleague Signor Andreoni, who creates tracks together with Acirne as the production duo Diamond Dog, that officially debuted in early 2010 with the Mosaic EP released on Contexterrior, where Acirne handles electronics while Andreoni plays electric guitar. 

To follow up, the duo soon booked a studio session with Cherry Baker, the fruits of which became When the Dog Eats the Cherry EP (T-Bet Records) and Mystic Woman EP (Tenax Recordings). In 2011 Acirne put her signature on the Naked City EP in collaboration with Rio Padice, which got praise from the press world throughout Europe: De-Bug (Germany), DJ Mag (UK), Tsugi (France) and Ibiza-Voice (Spain). To follow, in 2012, the release of Jaquet EP, in collaboration with the Italian producer Gabriele Carasco, issued by Alessio Mereu's Amam label. 

Most recently, Acirne performed her personal EP "Conception Vessel", in which the steady beat underlines graceful loopy atmospherics and rhythms, inspired by her native Sardinia: a land of contrasts, where delicate landscapes and beautiful shores are matched by the roughest inland.

Since 2013 Acirne has been living in Berlin, where she continues to grow and expand her style as a Dj and producer, always exploring new aural territories with her incredible ear for detail.

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