Bio / Profile: 

One of the most promising artists to come out of Amsterdam is David Labeij. Now that Polder (his live/ production outfit together with Lauhaus) has been established in Europe’s as an high quality techno outfit, he has more time to focus on his solo career. Musically situated on the verge of hypnotic deep house and delicate techno, Labeij is rapidly gaining international grounds with his distinct and captivating take on futuristic dance music. To some, Labeij may seem as a newcomer. But he was actually one of Amsterdam’s pioneers in dubby house and techno.

During the late nineties he acquired the dj trade - of all places - on the second floor of the infamous Trance Buddha. While upstairs was dominated by hardhouse and clubtrance, Labeij was playing deep and spaced out tracks downstairs, by the likes of Isolée, Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Bug. This was in fact long before ’minimal’ was even considered a genre, but Labeij was one of the first to break this music to the Amsterdam crowd. After the turn of the century, when more of the Dutch started to catch on to ’minimal’ techno and deep house, Labeij was already producing tracks of his own. His career accelerated when he became studio partners with Lauhaus.

Once they got signed on Shinedoe’s Intacto imprint as Polder in 2006, an international breakthrough was quickly established. After the album ’Poldermodel’ (2008), Labeij had the time to further develop his own signature sound. Where the infamous Polder groove is aimed at blowing up dancefloors, Labeij’s solo tracks are more on the hypnotic side of techno and house. Releases like ’You Be Bob’ (2007), ’My 20 Models’ (2008) and his ’Shakedown’ (2009) all show a profound mastery of the studio as well as a keen ear for spellbinding sounds. A new level beckons, as Labeij is becoming a household name in spaced out four to the floor mayhem. His sets - live and dj - are notorious for their mesmerizing qualities. One moment you’ll find yourself on the dancefloor, the next you’ll be drawn into a blissful state of oblivion.

As David is leaving a trace of believers anywhere he plays, nothing should stand in his way to achieve a major status.