Bio / Profile: 

Gabriele Carasco was born in the beautiful land of Calabria, in the south of Italy. At the age of 4 he begins to play the piano inspired by his Grandfather, an orchestra director, and by his mother, a professional piano player, that let him understand the importance of purity of classic sounds;
By his father, a big electronic lover, he inherits the passion for the technology and analog instruments.

In first half of the 90's he moved to Switzerland with the aim to extend his knowledge..immediatly started to work in some clubs and events, records studios, and get involved into the world of different labels.
After Zurich he moved all over Europe as Germany, Sweden, Nederlands, Belgium, where he started to practice as sound designer, audio engineer.

He also met a lot of different artist and played whit big names such as David Morales, Tony Humphries, Todd Terry and much more....
In 2000 he came back in Italy, in Rome, where he recieved a professorship at Jkey music factory and (lately) Fonderie Sonore.

In 2004, he set up his mastering studio called "Mastering Unlimited", where he still works with a lot of international artist and labels.
Recently he has released different EPs on label as Nilla (All Inn), Madhouse Records, Amam Records, T-Bet Records and Off Recordings.......