JordanLiebUnited States
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A Chicago native now living in New York, Jordan Lieb has been creating sound his entire life. With a variety that verges on personality disorder- from his electro duet Tiger Fingers (HFN Records) to his psych-acoustic solo act, Fangs- Jordan's work is constantly expanding into new territories.

As an engineer and producer, he has shaped records for many artists such as Jason Poranski, of Beirut, and JD Samson & MEN. He is also an Emmy Award winning composer for his work in television and film. 

In 2010 Jordan invented Black Light Smoke, helping inspire the inception of the label Scissor and Thread. He's had phenomenal success producing and touring his live act, melding analog house, post-punk and 80's ballad anthems- a sound both new and nostalgic. His first two EPs, Switch Back and Lovework, found an immediate home with vinyl DJs, being charted by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and DJ T.

United States