Bio / Profile: 

P.O.O.F. project began in Sardinia in autumn 2012, with the encounter of Alessio Mereu and Mario Massa during the recording of a track for Renato Figoli's album, "Funkoholic", released in march 2013 by Amam, Alessio Mereu's label.
The seemingly fortuitous encounter, had actually been looked for by Mario Massa, a trumpeter who had been already working with electronic artists (his last work for Denovali is "Cause and Effect" by Saffronkeira, released in the end of 2013) and attracted by Alessio Mereu's EDM aesthetics.
Hence the beginning of a permanent project combining the cosmic and ethereal sound of Mario Massa's trumpet and Alessio Mereu's dark and dreamlike electronics.

The first product of their collaboration has been Alessio Mereu's EP, "Trama EP", released on 12/12/12 by Amam and including two re-edits with Mario Massa's trumpet.
The two decide to extend the band with a third element, integrating traditional instruments with an electronic imprint, by calling Maurizio Marzo, sardinian guitarist and composer and long time musical partner of Mario Massa.
The band, now complete, began to work in Alessio Mereu's studio in the beginning of 2013, producing a large amount of tracks without any stylistic limitation, also thanks to the collaboration with many heterogeneous artists.

P.O.O.F. first EP, titled Prisoners of our Fears, has been released in march 2014 by Amam and contains four of the most dancehall tracks, and a collaboration with sardinian singer Laura Mura.
The EP is the first among others that will be released during the year, and anticipates a future album.