Bio / Profile: 

Tobia Coffa was born in milan in 1987. The passion for electronic music radicates in him at an early age trough his brother, which exposed him to a broad spectrum of electronic music. His taste was already influenced by a deep love for those artists that have been a cornerstone for techno, house and electronic music, like Jeff Mills, Maurizio, Moodyman, Robert Hood, Plastikman, Aphex Twin and many others. Few years later, he created his own event "minima.mi", promoting parties characterized by a musical choice standing outside of the trends of the moment. Trough the various seasons between 2005 and 2007, they brought to Milan artists like Alex Under, Pan-Pot, Bruno Pronsato, Tony Rohr, Seph, Barem, Heartthrob and many more.

Meanwhile, his interest for creating his own music was growing constantly, and at the same time he decided to set up his own label "Grey Area" to promote the Techno/house scene in Milan, signing for the first releases works from artists he really felt worth investing on, and waiting for releasing his own material until he felt his musical character would be properly defined. His first ep "Blue Bird" has been released on 2010, along with remixes from Burnski and Matteo Milleri, followed by his own "dancing on the keyboard" on Grey Area Limited. From then on he started to work exclusively for AMAM label, run by his friend Alessio Mereu, where he found his new home and where he released 4 eps and several V.A , with more to come soon.