Todd BodineGermany
Bio / Profile: 

Successful label boss, multi faceted producer and stylistically secure DJ: The wide ranging musical accomplishments of Todd Bodine show his vast experience as one of the major players in the electronic music scene. Born in Berlin, Todd has always found ways to insert new life and character into his musical universe, as his current collaboration with Ilario Alicante illustrates. 

Todd Bodine belongs among a select group of musical pioneers: In Germany’s capital of electronic music, he earned his stripes as a long time resident at Tresor club in a time that was characterized by the almost euphoric mood immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He quickly became well known for his action packed and thrilling DJ sets, with his skills on the decks propelling him onto dance floors and festivals all around the world. Due to this ability he has collected an impressive list of club references, including "Studio 80" (Amsterdam), "Yellow" (Tokyo), "Fabric" and "The EGG" (London), "Sonar" (Barcelona), the "Culture Box" (Copenhagen). Of course, Todd Bodine has also stayed true to his roots and has performed regularly and often in Berlin’s best clubbing hot spots: "Kater Holzig", "Stattbad", "Watergate" and "Panorama Bar". 

Todd is also responsible for the artistic and conceptual management of the popular Highgrade label parties. The Berlin record label has become inextricably linked with the life and creative mind of the artist at it’s helm. As one of the label bosses, Todd Bodine takes care of A&R, label management and art direction of the releases, which can be clearly seen in the various cover imagery of the records. Also for the label, Todd is an integral founding member of the extremely successful "Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra" project alongside Tom Clark, Daniel Dreier and Philip Bader. Part of his role is making sure that every live show is a unique on-stage experience where all of the artists can express their own individual sound signatures. 

As the orchestra conductor Todd Bodine carries an unmistakable musical flair that has been evident since his first electronic productions. The beginning of his career as a producer was the Berlin label, Cabinet Records, followed by releases with Highgrade, Swiss label Morris Audio, Tresor (naturally), Treibstoff and Mothership. Todd has released numerous EP's on a wide range of German and international labels, and has already produced three studio albums: "Different Engines" (2005, Morris Audio), "Surfaces" (2006, Tresor) and "Forms" (2009, Highgrade Records).

Right up to this day, Todd Bodine maintains his very own production style that oscillates between house and techno, without ever being strictly bound to either genre. Through the unique and recognizable character of his unconventional and often surprising productions it has become clear: Todd Bodine's musical voice is simply unmistakable.