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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
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AMAMEXTRA012 - Alessio Mereu & Acirne - 2772 EP

Alessio Mereu and Acirne have been long acquainted with one another as
part of Italy's vibrant house and techno scene, but this new EP is
surprisingly the first official collaboration between the two. Acirne
first joined the AMAM team earlier this year (collaborating with
Gabriele Carasco), and this time she's invited back along with label
boss Alessio Mereu for some divinely inspired tech-house workouts,
based on the number 2772: 2 represents duality, especially the
masculine and feminine, while 7 is often regarded as a holy number
across religions. 27 is a number correlated with the coming of the End
Times, and 72 – which da Vinci supposedly painted onto the bridge
situated behind the Mona Lisa – represents the number of species saved
on Noah's Ark. With that in mind...

“2772A” is constructed around a thunderous stomp and intertwining acid
lines along with synth stabs that seem to usher in an apocalypse, with
an occasional disembodied voice expressing his rancor – you won't be
sure whether to take cover, or just give in and dance yourself to
death! “2772B” summons an ominous death march with swirling synths
that hover amongst the sky's parting black clouds.

The mood of “2772C” takes the EP into a more meditative direction,
leaving it hard to tell whether the action is taking place around you
or just inside your head, as a deadpan, androgynous voice proclaims in
the mid-section: “We are all trapped”. Finally, “2772D” offers a
synthetic purgatory with a swingy, rumbling percussive storm and
never-ending patches of smoky pads and acid insects chirping in your
ears. So heed Alessio and Acirne's warning: get yourself some
dancefloor communion and pray for salvation!