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Monday, September 12, 2011
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AMAMEXTRA010 | DUM About Women EP
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About one year ago, AMAM leader Alessio Mereu and his comrade Andrea Ferlin released their first album as DUM, which DJ Mag rated 7.5/10 and praised for its “woozy, mysterious melodies, subdued house rhythms and deep, hypnotic shuffles”. Since then, these guys have been busy on their own – Mereu notably released his debut solo album Tripolarity this summer and Ferlin has been keeping active with his Sleep is Commercial team – but DUM as an entity has been silent. Until now – they’re back, and the bass is loud!
“About Women” is structured around a classic AMAM-style house groove, but with a noticeably expanded palette of percussive sounds: the straight 4/4 beat punctuated by accents from a jazz drummer bouncing on a trampoline, while a blues guitarist gets stuck in a time loop. The track’s real character, though, comes courtesy of a raspy-voiced man reciting lines from a Years poem. A literary lesson on the dancefloor? Something like that – but the voice is butchered, warped, and deflated to the point where the words start losing their meaning and are more a sonic element than a storyline. For the more adventurous DJ/producers out there, the track is also offered in the “FX-appella” version, keeping just the voice and effects to be laid upon a new beat.
Going for a more subdued approach, the EP closes with “Vacuum Voices”, a track with film noir melodic tendencies and percussion that mimics the buzz and flutters of nocturnal insects – this one is for darker moments but retaining the sly seductive quality that these two Italian producers have mastered.