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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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AMAM 019
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AMAM019 - Various Artists - An Acid Expedition EP

Since splashing from Chicago to the UK more than two decades ago, acid has gone through waves of resurgence, but this may be the first time a crew of Italians – who were just babies when Ron Hardy introduced that classic twelve-minute Phuture anthem to the world – got together and paid tribute to the sounds of the 303.

For this compilation EP, Alessio Mereu gathered some of his mates for a fresh take on acid house and techno sounds, tailored into the existing AMAM brand he’s established over the past couple years. Leading off the first of four exclusive tracks, he teams up with Matteo Spedicati (Great Stuff) for “Just Black Lies”, revolving around a whirling tritone melody and stomping, jacking rhythms with a sinister voice uttering the titular lines. Next up is Marco Giordano AKA The Selph who offers a sultry, timeless groove, mostly instrumental, but accented in the middle by a disembodied voice imparting the listener with “An Ancient Secret”…

On the flip side, Hooved – who recently delivered fantastic remixes for Mereu as well as Gabriele Carasco & Acirne – treats us to some broken beat rhythms that soon fall into the grid of “A Penalty for Ethics”, punctuating long sustained notes that offer a tantric feel. Finally, Tobia Coffa’s “Just an Edge Tool” harks back to the days of Definitive Recordings with the housiest entry on this EP, the cascading, lush strings balancing out the rough acid bassline for a beautiful juxtaposition. Join in on An Acid Expedition and have a nice trip!