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Monday, January 31, 2011
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AMAM EXTRA006 | VA - Amam Manifesto, Chapter 3

Amam Extra, the digital imprint of Amam Records, continues its Manifesto series with a third installment, showcasing a spectrum of club sounds from label owner Alessio Mereu and his entourage of producers from Italy and beyond, featuring five new, exclusive tracks.

New to the Amam crew is Doomwork, although he's already gained notoriety for his work on Area Remote and 100% Pure. "La Rhythmique" is based on playful rhythmic exploration with old-school house organ, and stuttering vocal outbursts, perfect for upbeat moments on the dancefloor. Then, Matteo Spedicati teams up with Vito Cacciapaglia (of the trio Sinc) for a darker excursion: "Breakfast in Mumbai" is like a tribal house omelette with a side of with a side of atmospheric chanting.

Going deeper, Jorge Savoretti, best known for his affiliation with Esperanza, remixes "Atletico" from Slash Label co-founder Pherox. This is one of those tracks seems innocent at first, but will seduce any fan of dub techno into its grooves without them realizing it. Next on our mini-compilation is Hooved (Time Has Changed Records), changes things up with a sleazy, sweaty electro low-rider titled "Long Night". Finally, the modest Mr. Mereu (or is he saving the best for last?) offers "The Mall", a vibrant house cut that juxtaposes wild, clanging percussion with a sly melody, pure and classy in accordance with Amam's mission statement.