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Monday, October 21, 2013
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Nadia Popoff - Black Jack EP

Argentinian DJ/producer Nadia Popoff first joined the AMAM team earlier this year by contributing to the second Hand Out compilation. Just as the international tech-house scene is catching on to her name, AMAM founder Alessio Mereu has invited her back for a full EP—so players, come place your wagers on Black Jack.

The opening title track shows Popoff’s nuance for manipulating the beat, funking up the 4/4 groove with deranged delay that will hook in your ears in from the start. Then comes the sultry, synthetic groove of the bassline, gently nudging you onto the dancefloor with a subtle finesse. Of course, Alessio Mereu couldn’t resist dipping his fingers into “Black Jack”, providing an alternate perspective that brings the melodic aspects more into focus than the rhythm, exploring different frequencies to tickle your ear canals. Fellow AMAM stalwart Hooved—one of the label’s brightest personalities who just released the Timeless EP—offers his own remix, a twitching, buggy experience that is determined to make its way under your skin.

On the second part of the EP, Popoff offers the confidently sly “Timeless”, contrasted by the energetic house cut “My Friend Sebastian” with its jazzy drum fills to add that human touch behind the percussive machinery. A fine full statement from Ms. Popoff!