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Monday, August 19, 2013
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000 - Camel's Pace

AMAM is pleased to team up with Enrico Sedda, a producer based on the same Sardinian shores, for his next statement as 000. Agent Double-O-Zero has already released with the Sleep is Commercial crew, but this is his first EP for AMAM, titled Camel's Pace, and while the tracks themselves might not have a sub-standard BPM, they take their time in unwinding, unfolding and gracing along the sands of time.

“Of Course Again” kicks things off with a joyous energy, the clattering, room-filling percussive house sounds that AMAM has built a reputation on, but sets itself apart with traces of French filter house for a welcome juxtaposition. Then comes “Residual Layer” with its sandpapery grit and woodworking construction, perhaps an extension of Sedda's primary discipline, architecture. Then comes the title track, offering the most gentle and subtle moments, a reflective oasis amidst the EP's otherwise kinetic flair.

The second half brings “Covered Chain”, still subdued but with a vital feel of yearning and anticipation, paving the way for “Local Meridian”, the EP's deepest cut, with house beats in the forefront and aquatic pads in the background—a rave 20,000 leagues under the sea. Finally, “Thinking Easy” brings mutant flavors into the mix, combining syncopated percussive elements and Detroit refuse, igniting the dancefloor in your brain.