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Monday, August 10, 2015
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Luca Doobie & Miguel Lobo - Cinematic EP (incl. Danilo Schneider Remix)
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Luca Doobie & Miguel Lobo offer up the ‘Cinematic’ EP via Amam this August, comprising three original tracks from the duo and a remix from Danilo Schneider.


Italy’s Luca Doobie has been producing material for over a decade now and racked up quite an impressive back catalogue with releases on Highgrade, Baile and Freerange, plus a string of material alongside once production partner Andre Crom for his OFF Recordings label. Here though, Luca pairs up with Spain’s Miguel Lobo, most notably known for his output via the likes of Time Has Changed, 8Bit and Highgrade, to deliver this collaborative EP infused with the pairs salient production skills and creating something striking and aurally intriguing.


Kicking things off is the original mix of ‘Birdman’ a groove-led eight-minute composition fuelled by tension-building atmospherics sweeps, simmering bass grooves, billowing vocal murmurs and loose organic rhythms. ‘Interstellar’ follows and lays the focus predominantly on free-flowing dynamic drums, while sporadically easing in spacey synth licks, elongated bass drones and bubbling hypnotic pads to create a smooth hypnotic number.


Opening the latter half of the release is the third and final track from the duo, ‘Whiplash’, a subtly blooming seven-minute number which initially starts of with a straight 4/4 rhythmic drive before a surge of vacillating synth tones, processed vocals and wooden percussive hits gradually escalate the track into a fully fledged upfront grove. Finally to round off the EP Germany’s Danilo Schneider remixes ‘Birdman’, and the Cocoon Recordings / Affin artist stamps his signature style on things with crunchy drums, soft ethereal pad sounds and modulating percussion evolving and unfolding throughout its entire duration.


Luca Doobie & Miguel Lobo’s ‘Cinematic’ EP is out on Amam 10th August 2015.