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Monday, September 13, 2010
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AMAM005 CD | DUM (Alessio Mereu & Andrea Ferlin) - DUM
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* The debut album from Alessio Mereu and Andrea Ferlin and the first full-length from Amam Records

* Includes the club hits "Tread On" and "All Over Your Face", supported by DJs such as Danny Tenaglia, SIS, Andre Galluzzi, Bloody Mary and Tim Green

* Includes remixes from Bunkers (TuningSpork) and Acumen (Time Has Changed)

Although they may call themselves DUM, Alessio Mereu and Andrea Ferlin are certainly no idiots when it comes to creating house music! DUM's style shows the producers' combined sensibilities and plenty of dynamic contrast: smooth yet engaging, sophisticated yet functional, organic yet calculated.

Mereu and Ferlin started their careers with solo releases on labels like Freak n' Chic, CMYK and Harthouse, but it was only a matter of time before the two Italians would cross paths and decide to work together. Late last year, Contexterrior released the well-received Deep Thoughts EP by Alessio Mereu & Andrea Ferlin, and now, with their partnership solidified, the guys have chosen the project name DUM for their ultramodern house productions.

The three-minute ambient "Intro" seems to imply anticipation with a distant thump as heard from the queue outside the club, leading into "Overflow", which provides a good idea of the album's overall vibe: old-school house timbres with forward-thinking production values. Acumen's remix of "Mayor's Wife" drives forward with a sleek groove, but always with a sense of suspense, leading into the ten-minute "Rituals" where their sound enters darker and moodier terrains, marked by resonating chimes seem to suspend the track in time. "Self Mantra" is one of the poppier moments of the album, and "Tread On" possesses a confident swagger with its combination of buoyant bass, handclaps, bongos, congas and subtle horn accents. The original version of "Mayor's Wife" is a more tribal affair, followed by Bunkers' remix of "Rituals", which adds some joyful diva outbursts to undercut the severe tones of the original. Then comes "All Over Your Face", already loosening joints on dancefloors everywhere with its cacophony of rattling bones and skulls as they reverberate in an underwater cave. Finally, the album experience reaches its denouement with "Outro", the sound of falling asleep as the club's pulsing beat lingers in your eardrums and daylight cracks through your bedroom window...