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Monday, December 20, 2010
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AMAM EXTRA005 | Alessio Mereu - Epidemy EP (Incl. Rmxs Pär Grindvik, Xpansul, Tadeo)

Alessio Mereu has a quite a productive year, from launching his own label Amam, to his solo EPs, to his collaborations including his membership in the duos Bunkers and DUM, to his numerous club appearances. That makes "Epidemy", his newest single, all the more impressive, considering it's one of his strongest tracks to date.

"Epidemy" is a foaming-at-the-mouth monster with Mereu's trademark body-moving grooves combined with wild, hypnotic experimentation. It's house music on its foundations, but unafraid to venture into distorted electro territory with a sharp-toothed snarl and gritty swagger.

Not just a solid producer, Signor Mereu also has an ear for A&R, and he's invited some international talent to give "Epidemy" a tweaking. First off is Swedish Berliner Pär Grindvik (Drumcode, Spectral) who drastically reworks the piece, bringing it to deeper levels, more subtlety than bombast, with an unexpected diva vocal making a brief cameo appearance. Then, Spanish producer Xpansul (Ovum, Perc Trax) increases the funky paranoia factor with his remix, somehow managing to be both dissonant and catchy as hell. Finally, Tadeo (Apnea, Cyclical Tracks) teleports the track into pure techno realms like a love letter to Underground Resistance. Amam's final release of 2010 is the icing on the cake - the icing on the cake for a busy 2010.