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Monday, November 18, 2013
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Dakpa - First Division EP

Dakpa is has already made a name for himself as DJ and producer in the Spanish island of Mallorca. Now, following his releases for a handful of other smaller labels, Alessio Mereu is wrangling Dakpa onto the AMAM ranch, where his deeply fine-tuned tech-house creations are a perfect fit. And so here are four cuts allowing you entry into his diverse world of sound, entitled the First Division EP.

Listen to “The Voice of Reason”—and you’ll hear it’s telling you to shake your booty. This one’s got a cavernous thump suitable for a rave in a cave, although any dark dancefloor will do quite nicely. The foggy atmospheric sounds permeate the track’s duration, but are counterbalanced by perky percussion that carries the motion forward. Next up us “Retrobada” in collaboration with Alejandro Dengra, which has a constellation of delicately crafted rhythmic patterns, setting the scene for UFOs to beam you up into their alternate dimension.

The EP’s second half features “Establishment”, combining a funky sub-bass line, clattering beats and creepy textures that will make your hair stand on end. Finally, to contrast the darkness, “Break Down!” closes in a more upbeat fashion, infused with dub techno flavor and psychedelic properties. So come step into Dakpa’s universe and experience the world through his ears…