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Monday, May 27, 2013
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Renato Figoli - Funkoholic Remixes (Sascha Dive - Christopher Rau - LoSoul - Ed Davenport)

In March, tech-house veteran Renato Figoli made a welcome return with his first full-length in five years, Funkoholic. Now Renato and AMAM founder (and fellow Italian) Alessio Mereu have curated a remix package from four top producers to contextualize the deep, aquatic qualities of the originals: Sascha Dive, Christopher Rau, LoSoul and Ed Davenport. If the original album was set aboard an aircraft, this new double-EP takes place in a stealthy submarine. 

Part 1

CATALOG NO. AMAM-025.1RMX FORMAT 12” / digital download A. Night Express (Sascha Dive's Blue Train Dub) B. ...Anymore (Christopher Rau Remix) “Night Express” was the closer of Funkoholic, but this version from gets a new vantage point as the remix collections's opener. Frankfurt DJ/producer Sascha Dive (Raum...Musik) plunges into deeper vibes, accentuating the atmosphere without neglecting the driving rhythm, summoning mermaid ghosts in its wake. On the flip, Christopher Rau (Pampa, Smallville) shifts the once-smooth “...Anymore” into a swirl of uppity energy, subverting the spoken word vocals of Neville Attree into a mere whisper amongst myriad other interplaying elements. 

 Part 2

CATALOG NO. AMAM-025.2RMX FORMAT 12” / digital download A. Underpool (Losoul Remix) B. …Anymore (Ed Davenport Dub) For the second part, Frankfurt's LoSoul (Playhouse, Logistic) takes the downbeat dub-techno-jazz of Renato's “Underpool” and turns it into an anthemic deep house number that's 12 minutes long and 20,000 leagues under the sea, yet full of bounce. Finally, Berlin-based Brit Ed Davenport (Counterchange) takes “...Anymore” and gives it an entirely different edge, a naval onslaught of crashing, jacking breakbeats, while sonar frequencies gently circle outward like the sirens' call, rounding out the Funkoholic Remixes voyage.