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Monday, November 17, 2014
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Polder - Girdle Way EP

Aside from the odd remix or compilation appearance, it seems it’s been ages since the Polder duo has graced us with a new full statement. It’s not that David Labeij and Lauhaus have been lazy, certainly not. Over the last couple of years, they’ve been working on other solo projects and collaborations and DJing on their home turf Amsterdam and throughout Europe—great buildup for the new Polder EP, titled Girdle Way, their first appearance on the AMAM label.

Setting the tone is “Krisis”, a track that’s much more fun than bailing out banks, or marking your entrance into middle age by buying a sports car, for that matter. A laid-back, twangy strum is one of several disparate elements that makes up this tech-house workout—the robotic stutter and whirlwinds of chirping layer on top, sounding like a nightclub inside a cuckoo clock. Then “Moogy” explores deeper textures, still with a driving rhythm but with slinky, springy spirals of sound meant to stretch minutes into hours. 

On the second half, “Marsh” balances the stomping demeanor of the bass with playful flirtations in the higher frequencies, creating ideal circumstances for freeform life forms to flourish in your feet’s imagination—a track equally fit for the body and the mind. Finally, Polder sign off with “Dungle”, a dub techno safari that can enrich any dancefloor with its lavish twinkles and dewy caresses, also a top contender for most frugal use of snare drum in 2014. Do you know the way to Girdle Way? Four tracks from Polder, back in fine form.