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Monday, November 23, 2015
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Various Artists - Hand Out, Chapter Six
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This November, Amam comes up with a new EP straight out of the ‘Hand Out’ series, a set of compilations by different artists from all over the world.


To kick things off, Sicily’s Riccardo Rizza came up with a chilled yet appealing and detailed rhythm with subtle sounds and great emotions, with a song named ‘Anova’. An unceasing change of sounds occurs within the loops of this track, making it a one of a kind tune. Next up is ‘Voices’ by Greece’s Antony PL & Paul S going slightly into the deeper ends of dub tech house. Great sub bass lines, a memorable percussion arrangement as well as the use of modified vocals make this one deep, dark and surprising.


For the middle part of this chapter, Machino from Tijuana, Mexico drops us a spicy and rhythmic tune ‘Libro De Los Simbolos’ with a greater use of melodies and synths. A stimulating and spooky atmosphere can easily be heard here, which is a very convenient way to surprise a crowd in a club! Milan’s Chris-T & Matu then show their production skills with deep and minimalist ‘Hush Hush’. Perfect for afterparties, this tune will give anybody goose bumps whether on the dance floor, at home, or in the headphones.


In the last part of this EP, Mood_Out (Andrea Merlin & Alessandro Quaglio) focused on a more experimental but pulsing and melodic techno composition, ‘Acid Rain’. Its progressive and evolving arrangement is definitely not to be missed. And finally, Frankfurt’s Daniele Casa rounds things up with his magnificent track ‘Einbahnstaße’. It is slightly more chilled and laid back than the rest of the roast, until an unexpected bassline comes out of nowhere. Full of surprises, this one is a killer!


‘Hand Out, Chapter Six’ will be coming out on the 23rd of November on Amam: a compilation not to be missed!