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Monday, May 4, 2015
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Various Artists - Hand Out, Discovering Chapter
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Early May will see Amam continue its Hand Out various artists series with the ‘Hand Out – Discovering Chapter’ compilation, featuring ten new and exclusive tracks from some up and coming artists.

Across this release, titled ‘Discovering Chapter’ as it sees Amam lay the A&R focus on unearthing new talents over enlisting big names, we hear the imprint offer up its signature style with intricate sound design, lavish soundscapes and beautifully crafted percussion.

This time round these works come courtesy of some rising talents in the field, namely Barcelona based duo Lower & OSp, the Serkal signed artists deliver two ethereal numbers to kicks things off. Italy’s E.T.H then follows things up with two smooth, dubbed out and hypnotic numbers, while Spain’s Jesus Soblechero instils an electronica feel to things with his melody driven and ever-blossoming offerings.

Marco Destro provides two murky percussive led numbers next, laying the focus on subtly unfolding rhythms and howling atmospherics textures before Ukranian producer Svarog rounds off the package with up-tempo Techno workouts. This package is as a shining example of how important those yet to be discovered talents can be, and hopefully Amam has helped shed some light on these brilliant artists for you here…

The ‘Hand Out – Discovering Chapter’ package is out on Amam 4th May 2015.