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Monday, March 30, 2015
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Polder - Hedwige in Hot Water EP (incl. Andreas Bergmann Remix)
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Late March will see the release of Polder's 'Hedwige In Hot Water' EP, accompanied by a remix from Andreas Bergmann.

Laurens Lanting (Lauhaus) and David Labeij aka Polder have been at the forefront of underground electronic music for quite some time now having released material under the Polder guise via the likes of 100% Pure and Remote Area. Individually the pair have also notably graced labels such as Cocoon, Sushitech and Mobilee.

Here the pair offer up the 'Hedwige In Hot Water' EP, providing three original cuts for the release the first of which 'Hedwige' showcases their ability to create striking, low slung rhythmic workouts instilled with delicate details and a bumpy dubbed out feel.

'Cold Machine' follows and lays its focus on ethereal atmosphere's, evolving percussive elements and snaking bass stabs, while the last original from the duo 'Nightcrawler' shapes things up on a hypnotic, ever-blossoming tip with swirling dub echoes and menacing bass tones.

Dutch producer Andreas Bergmann then rounds off the package with his take on Cold Machine, the Kina Music artist provides a more stripped-back interpretation laying the focus on punchy rhythms and glitching synth whirrs.

Once again Amam delivers with this infectious, understated collection from Polder, the 'Hedwige In Hot Water' EP is out on Amam 30th March 2015.