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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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AMAMRLX001 - Gabriele Carasco meets Acirne - Jaquet EP (incl. Hooved remix)

AMAM Records is back with its first release of 2012, and along with it, a fresh scheme: the RELAX series. Whereas AMAM has built a reputation on throbbing techno and house grooves over the last couple years of its existence, label owner Alessio Mereu decided to launch this new series to showcase his softer side. No, it’s not fully ambient or “chill-out”, just a clear demarcation that “peak-time” “bombs” are the lowest priority, creating room for subtlety on the dancefloor, or serving as a pacemaker for the after-party. The first EP on AMAM Relax comes courtesy of Rome-based DJ/producer Gabriele Carasco and Sardinian DJ/producer Acirne. Carasco has already released a handful of solo EPs, most recently with OFF Recordings as well as T-Bet Records, which incidentally is the label Acirne co-runs along with Signor Andreoni and Cherry Baker. This is Carasco and Acirne’s first collaboration, and from the sound of it, we hope it’s not the last!

The Jaquet EP’s title track is an elegant, poised number with shimmering seventh chords and a sauntering bass melody, and while most club tracks try to “jack it” with rhythmic overdose, “Jaquet” is pronounced the French way, that is, with a soft silent ending – this track wants to jack you like a warm bubblebath rather than a fire hydrant. On the flip, “Rebica” has a sneaky acid bassline, shuffling percussion and searing synth melodies that emit a lovelorn feeling. Then, Hooved, who released the well-received Good but Usless EP in late 2011 on AMAM, offers his version of “Jacquet”: frenetic and fiesty – offering a contrast to the relaxing material heard before. Finally, as a digital bonus, Carasco and Acirne offer the soothing “Deram”, with drawn-out pads and a comforting pulse, warm as a mother’s heartbeat heard from in utero.