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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
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Upercent - Keka EP (incl. Javier Orduna & Patrick Zigon remixes)

Since last summer’s fantastic L’Egoisme EP, Valencia-based DJ/producer Upercent has appeared on several different mix compilations and did a remix for Paris’s Timid Boy. Now AMAM invites him back for his official follow-up, the Keka EP, showing the breadth of styles he can wring out of tech-house fabric.

“Keka” shows Upercent’s dexterity for both juxtaposition of sounds and spatiality: the straightforward organ blips provide repetition for the freewheeling piano amongst the 3-D printed percussion, and there’s even an extraterrestrial wah-wah solo halfway through, just after we hear the musings of some old French man. “Eterna Tú” has a more severe agenda, more galvanized in its dancefloor ambitions as the synths weave through the hissing beat – this number bends things more into an electro direction. “Gota de Luz” is the funkiest excursion here, with earthy rhythmic clattering punctuating the whirrs of ambience on top.

Of course Upercent’s sonic world always lends itself well to reinterpretation. That’s why he let some comrades put their own spin on a couple tracks: fellow Spaniard and AMAM labelmate Javier Orduña honors the idosynchracy of “Keka”, but takes it for a spacey, cosmic ride. Finally, German produer Patrick Zigon takes a double-time approach and gives “Gota de Luz” a full-on maniacal techno makeover.