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Monday, October 12, 2015
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Hooved - The Night EP

Mid-October will see the Amam imprint deliver ‘The Night’ EP, courtesy of Italian producer Hooved and comprising four original tracks.


Gaetano Vinci aka Hooved has been releasing material for about a decade now via the likes of Thema, Safari Electronique, Apparel, Time Has Changed, and of course Amam where he is finally back with a new EP! Amongst maintaining a steady quality over quantity release schedule, Vinci has also been playing at the best organised parties in Europe, such as Katerholzig Berlin, OFF Sonar, Propaganda Moscow and Cartulis Day at Crucifix Lane, London throughout his career.


Here, Hooved returns to his beloved home of Amam with exciting original material. To start this release, he delivers the ‘Club Mix’ of title track ‘The Night’, a high-octane energy fuelled workout laid out over seven and a half minutes. This track contains a strong presence of menacing synth drones and bubbling atmospherics swirling around low-slung rhythms. Its ‘Original Mix’ follows and takes a more dubbed-out approach, laying the focus on expansive, gradually blossoming pads and vacillating bass tones.


On the latter half of the package, Hooved provides two more tracks. First comes ‘Madness’, which as the name suggests takes a swirling, frenzied aesthetic with mind-bending delays and rolling percussions lying in an ever-evolving state throughout its length. Finally, we have ‘Esoteric’, which is aptly titled with its unique and distinct vibe. This time round Vinci goes a little deeper to shape up the package by laying down ethereal pad flourished over bumpy bass hits, glitching percussion and sporadic vocal murmurs.


‘The Night’ EP from Hooved is out on Amam on 12th October 2015.