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Monday, December 14, 2015
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Rick Sanders - Plasma EP
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Cagliari’s Rick Sanders joins the Amam crew in mid-December with a brand new EP entitled ‘Plasma’ including five original tracks. His renowned works for Smiley Fingers Records, AMA Recordings and Little Helpers pushed him to produce more and this is an amazing result of his dedication!


The package starts of with heavy and bassy ‘Plasma’, a trippy deep house tune. Its layers of synths and bass are very catchy and are definitely great to warm up a crowd. Then comes ‘Re-Connected’, showing more groove and energy. With notable repetitive synths and very heavy kicks, this one is definitely influenced by the 90s house period, although some additional modern dub techno sounds are also heard… and it’s effective! ‘Texture’ then comes to separate the EP into two parts. This one is a minimal tech-sounding bomb with detailed bass and synth arrangements, as well as subtle noises throughout. Not to mention its booming bassline.


The second part of this EP is continued with ‘Aphelion’, a purified yet complex dub techno track. A strong play with frequencies and bass is heard here, as well as tribe-like and bubbly unexpected sounds throughout. Difficult to match such surprises! Finally, the ball is closed by ‘Relativity’, the roughest of them all. A mix between harmonious background synths, a heavy bassline, as well as the soul and main rhythm make this one extremely distinct from the others. Its techno influences guarantee to make a big room dance until dawn; this one isn’t to be missed!


Rick Sander’s ‘Plasma EP’ will be out on Amam on the 14th of December 2015 in digital formats.