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Monday, March 3, 2014
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P.O.O.F. - Prisoners of our Fears

We are pleased to unveil a project that has been slowly brewing in the AMAM studios over the past year or so: the debut EP from P.O.O.F. Titled Prisoners of our Fears, these four tracks retain our usual affinity for clockworking club rhythms, but with a noticeably greater emphasis on experimentation using live instruments. Classically trained trumpeter Mario Massa first linked up with AMAM to guest on Renato Figoli’s Funkoholic, which is how he met AMAM founder Alessio Mereu, who then invited him to play on his Trama EP. Now Massa brings experimental guitarist Maurizio Marzo into the circle, the two players providing new sonic elements for producer Mereu to work with, and—poof!—a new project is born. 

“Factotum” features a housey shuffle scattered with smoky clouds, a vibrant scene for the trumpet to maneuver through as it lets out a legato howl, while a the guitar emits a plethora of different sounds, from unsettling surf to fuzzy grunge, without ever sounding forced or upstaging the rest of the track, instead creating a colorfully soundtracked ecosphere. “Die Umarmung Der Geister” goes for a techier, synthetic rhythm where layers of guitar and trumpet levitate effortlessly to provide an atmospheric texture. 
“Upset” has an extended intro that subverts typically “80s” sounds as a mechanistic percussive pattern cuts through, with the contrast of extended wails and intricately programmed beats leading into some sort of Philip Glass organ phase for the EP’s most hypnotic moment. Finally, Massa, Marzo and Mereu invite vocalist Laura Mura for “We Will Find It Out”, an ethereal number showing the Massa/Marzo/Mereu ensemble’s capacity for harmoniously combining the artificial and the organic.