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Monday, March 17, 2014
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Javier Orduna - Se Hace Camino EP

After numerous releases for labels like Pong Musiq and Cuatro Records, Spanish DJ/producer Javier Orduña makes his AMAM debut, the Se Hace Camino EP. Javier is not a solitary nerd but rather someone who thrives on collaboration (also check out his recent EP together with Xordo of Sci+Tec Digital Audio) and this case is no different. It kicks off with AMAM labelmate Dakpa’s remix of “De Nuevo Otra Vez”—Why start the EP with a remix? Well, the title translates loosely as “once more all over again”, so it fits the concept! 

If you enjoyed Dakpa’s First Division EP released late last year, you’ll easily get sucked into the subtle, climbing pads while the crisp, jacking percussion forges ahead. Then, Javier teams up with Pablo Bolivar, known for his work on Curle and Desolat, for “The Goat Stripe to the Mountain”. This one is a more low-key, twinkling number with traces of electro splendor.

“Mi Pollo” (Spanish for “my chicken”) highlights Orduña’s Latin roots, offering some kind of twisted synthetic flamenco tech-house. Then the original version of “De Nuevo Otra Vez” is unveiled, a chugging track that features a catchy, twee piano melody to tickle the ear drums just as much as the lower-end frequencies tickle your rear end. Finally, the source of the EP’s title, “Se Hace Camino al Andar”, offers a tasty mélange of acid, minimal and Kraftwerkian sounds, showing how Javier Orduña can project his influences into the future for a sort of sonic poetry.