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Thursday, March 20, 2014
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TVA - Shift Tempo EP (000 & Alessio Mereu, Matteo Spedicati, Tobia Coffa remixes)

TVA is a deep house project cloaked in relative anonymity; formerly based in Naples, Italy, the duo burrowed so far underground that they ended up in Sydney, Australia, their current home. Following some recent work for labels like Sun Generation Records and Wide Angle Recordings, The Visitors Attak have abbreviated their name. Now making their AMAM debut, TVA offers a new EP titled Shift Tempo.
“Warm” is built around long, dramatic pads with strong injections of polyrhythmic percussion, an eerie contrast that builds up a sense of tension on the dancefloor. “Pauseless” combines old-school Chicago sounds with synthetic European timbres: acid with a contemporary edge. This segues perfectly into “Shift Tempo”, continuing the EP’s menacing vibe, now hinting at TVA’s downtempo and fluid techno influences. 
The second half revisits all three tracks, reinterpreted by the AMAM roster crew: Label founder Alessio Mereu once again teams up for some remix action with fellow Sardinian buddy 000, upping the tempo of “Warm” just a bit and giving it a more bumpity, swinging house shuffle. Then Matteo Spedicati subdues “Pauseless” into a wallowing, weeping willow of a cut, starkly different from the original, yet with some recognizable source material intact. Finally, Tobia Coffa gives “Shift Tempo” a vital energy boost, throbbing and fearless. Until the next Attak from these Visitors…