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Monday, December 21, 2015
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Audiohell - Speeches EP
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Audiohell is soon to be a classic. The Venetian artist has been in the game for close to 20 years now, and his music is purely one-of-a-kind. Also known as Jimithesun, he started his musical career in 1998 around Eastern Europe onto Ibiza in 2002 and onwards.


Today he’s working non-stop on producing, which is certainly the reason behind the distinctiveness of his track ‘Speeches’ on this new EP. The beats here are undoubtedly detailed to the maximum, and a particular attention is given to its background’s modular bubbly sounds. A very clear and heavy bassline follows to then hit a break, separating and adding different layers to the whole tune. Beware, the drop of this piece is harsh, but its finish is grand!


Then, Germany’s well-known Basti Grub took his time to reshape Audiohell’s version into a minimal-influenced vibe. A dark synth, echoes and heavy kicks define its unique shamanic vibe. It feels like being part of a tribal reunion dancing around a fire. ‘The Queen of DC10 Ibiza’ Tania Vulcano from Montevideo, Uruguay then pairs her talents with Jose de Divina from Mallorca, Spain, where he started his career in 1991 to then move to a 10-year residency in Ibiza. They formed the track in a very uplifting way, with a warm looped melody along its bassline and rhythm. A great reminder of the summer during this cold season!


On the latter part of this EP, the old-school Visnadi brothers come in with a deep and heavy version of ‘Speeches’. A crazy and spooky vibe is notable in this ‘Bush Of Ghost’ remix, which is one to keep for late night raves. Its long break towards the end is enchanting and catchy, longing its listeners for the drop. To conclude this selection of sounds in beauty, Bimas from Mons, Belgium dropped us a techno remix. Stompy kicks, subtle analogue sounds, a notable techno melody, and an imaginative piano break make the ‘Chocolate’ remix sweet and elevating.


Audiohell’s ‘Speeches’ EP, including remixes from Basti Grub, Tania Vulcano & Jose de Divina, Visnadi, and Bimas, will be out on 21st December 2015 in digital formats.