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Monday, August 4, 2014
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Counrad - Tessuto EP (incl. Re-UP remix)

More and more, and especially on the last several releases, AMAM is becoming a truly international label, a hub for techno and house producers from around the world. But that doesn’t mean the aim is to ignore home-grown Italian talent! Case in point, the new Tessuto EP from Neapolitan newcomer Counrad. With just a few releases under his belt so far, Counrad is now joining the AMAM crew, further developing his techno sound based on rhythmic textures and gut-feeling grooves with minimal and dub influences. Sweetening the deal is a remix from Venice-based duo Re-UP.

Lead track “Tessuto” is based on a feral, jacking shuffle, proving that primal instinct and mechanical drive are not mutually exclusive. “Falling Down” is comparatively more of a lurking, slow burner, but still ready to bare its teeth at any moment, with hissing and growling percussive elements for added drama. Re-UP, founders of the label Kina Music and also signed to Marco Carola’s roster Music On, offer their own interpretation on “Falling Down”, bending it more toward clackity, house-leaning terrain.

On the EP’s second half, we experience the hypnotic, engulfing “1717”, filling the air like a synchronized swarm of robotic insects for a droning effect. Finally, “Iene”—Italian for “Hyenas”—is let loose: this undomesticated cut is scavenging for blood on the dancefloor. Another fine entry into the AMAM catalog, and certainly not the last you will hear from Counrad.