Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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AMAM 021
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AMAM021 - Alessio Mereu - Those I've Left Behind EP - (incl. Guido Schneider remix)

Although Alessio Mereu had released a number of 12” EPs over the preceding years, last summer’s Tripolarity full-length was what really gained him international recognition. Now he’s known far beyond his Mediterranean shores, DJing around Europe and getting signed by veteran labels Cocoon and Poker Flat who have released some of his tracks over the past months. Last month, AMAM issued the Tripolarity Remixes 2x12” package, which brought new perspectives on the acclaimed album, but he hasn’t had an EP of original material this year. Now, AMAM is happy to change that with Those I’ve Left Behind.

“Distraught Again” is structured on subtly evolving percussion and a swaggery bassline, with drops of acid accentuating the tension. It echoes the kind of tracks produced back from before Mereu was even born, but with the kind of fidelity and precision tailored for contemporary club soundsystems. Guido Schneider (Highgrade Records) puts his own spin on “Distraught Again” by enhancing the staccato factor, focusing more on rhythmic interplay than the original version’s melodic leanings.

Elsewhere, “Those I’ve Left Behind” combines jacking beats with long, curving synth lines that evoke a menacing atmosphere, crescendoing into a climax where all the track’s elements get tangled into a hot mess. Finally, as a digital-only bonus, “I’m the Machine” continues the jacking flavor with a defiant, robotic beast that stomps onto the dancefloor. Front to back, Those I’ve Left Behind shows Alessio Mereu moving forward with his productions…