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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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AMAMEXTRA014 - Alessio Mereu - Trama - 12.12.12

AMAM founder Alessio Mereu is closing out 2012 in style. After overseeing the label's busiest year yet and having just played the AMAM showcase at Berlin's KaterHolzig, Mereu returns with his most adventurous EP to date – including two collaborations with trumpet player Mario Massa – titled Trama. Just as the title seems to combine the words “drama” and “trauma”, indeed these productions aim for a provocative psychological effect. “Pry” is a white-knuckle affair with skittering high-tempo house beats that seem to trip over themselves at certain points, chased by throbbing acid stabs and intermittent broken beatbox samples. The “TrumpEdit” features Mario Massa's detached, free-flowing brass stylings, offering a sinister outcome that you would never expect from jazz-influenced house. “Doe-Eyes” has a low-slung saunter, more laid back but still with a kind of creepy atmosphere. The deconstructed acid elements and overal' progression point to both Mereu's youthful experimentation and his maturing sense of musical narrative. Finally, “Candle and Colours” is infused with synthetic washes of wind that push and pull above the jacking rhythms and playful acid lines. It stands alone as a purely electronic track, but gains even more personality with the “TrumpEdit”, capturing somber moods that flutter throughout the eight minutes, manipulating your psyche and, more important, getting you onto the dancefloor!