Release Date: 
Monday, April 9, 2012
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AMAM 020
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AMAM020 - Alessio Mereu - Tripolarity Remixes

With the release of Tripolarity last year, Alessio Mereu solidified his reputation as one of Italy’s top young producers and gained many new fans throughout Europe, garnering praise from DJs, clubbers and the press alike: Raveline, for example, gave it a top rating, noticing his “great attention for detail” with tracks at once both “hypnotic and euphoric”. Whereas the title of the original album alluded to Mereu’s three personalities, for this package of new remixes, we get a full eight personalities, coming from a cross-section of today’s best techno and house talent.

Warming things up is the low-slung “Hypocondriac” with Adultnapper (Poker Flat) and Jordan Lieb (Adjunct), teaming up for a fuzzy and slightly sleazy take. “French Connection” (a collab with Bloody Mary) was a favorite of DJs like Adam Beyer, Agaric and Marco Resmann, who also included Mereu on his new mix CD for Watergate. Here it gets revamped by two AMAM mainstays: Avatism, who shifts it into an atmospheric techy version that calls for the fog machine, and Hooved, who ups the funk factor for a free-spirited, jazz-inspired house number. Meanwhile, Camea (Clink) puts her stamp on “Perfect Lover” with rambunctious percussion tempered by smooth house pads.

For the second part (released separately on vinyl, but all together for the download version), Nico Lahs (Ovum) injects a New Romantic sensibility into “Perfect Lover”, whereas Tim Xavier (Ltd 400) provides the album’s most spellbinding moment with his remix of “Hypochondriac”. Then Claudio PRC (Prologue) extends interlude “Second Pole” into a dark, unrelenting shamanic experience, until Okain (Tsuba) steps in with an upbeat, jacking version of “Only You Know Who I Really Am”. For DJs looking to stand out amongst the usual monotony, explore the multiple personalities of Tripolarity Remixed!