Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
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AMAM 012
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AMAM012 | Alessio Mereu - On the Way to Tripolarity EP

As he’s preparing for the release of his debut full-length album, Tripolarity (due in June), AMAM founder and DJ/producer Alessio Mereu offers three new original tracks as a preview. After setting up his own label just over one year ago, he felt the time was right to capture essence of the clubs he’s played in, filter them through a spectrum of emotions, and make a personal statement that aims to resonate with both the body and mind. The title Tripolarity refers to Mereu’s three musical personalities, and with On the Way to Tripolarity, he focuses on his grooving house (and tech-house) tendencies.

“The Perfect Lover” shows Alessio Mereu’s softer side with an inviting gold aura that fills the air, punctuated by some clattering percussion. The candlelit piano melodies provide an inviting atmosphere of an anonymous yet expressive voice that floats somewhere between enamored and heartbroken – reflecting Mereu’s belief that human emotions aren’t one-dimensional. On the flip, “The French Connection” provides some cooler hues, less innocent than the EP opener, with a subtle siren sound that abstracts a wolf howling at the full moon. This one was made in collaboration with Berlin’s Bloody Mary, whom Mereu met when she came to his AMAM label night at Arena Club, Berlin, at the beginning of the year. Finally, “Hypochondriac” shows that Alessio has a sever case of Dancemania. Symptoms include the shuffles, incessant hand-clapping and an inability to leave the dancefloor. Warning, it’s contagious!